GIRG’s academics deliver quality education in green infrastructure ranging from individual subjects to stand alone specialized courses. The discipline encompasses the study of plants in the urban environment and investigates how we can use plants to make cities more sustainable and livable. Green Infrastructure includes more traditional elements such as street trees, urban forests, open green space as well as the innovate urban greening technologies such as green roofs and walls and water sensitive urban design features like rain gardens.

 Specialist Certificate in Green Roofs and Walls

With an international research profile in green roofs and the outstanding Burnley green roofs facility, GIRG are ideally placed to offer the Specialist Certificate in Green Roofs and Walls.

This postgraduate qualification in green roofs and walls consists of two compulsory subjects, both delivered as week-long intensives (June and December). Delivered by leading industry experts and academics, the course includes a mix of case studies, practical exercises, lecturers and site visits. CLICK HERE for the course brochure, more details and registration.Also  LISTEN HERE  to Dr Claire Farrell, talk about the benefits of studying the Specialist Certificate in Green Roofs and Walls at the University of Melbourne.

Other related courses include:

Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture ; Master of Urban Horticulture ; Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture and Research Higher Degrees

Subjects include:

 Green Infrastructure for Liveable Cities ; Managing Urban Landscapes Therapeutic Landscapes ; Designing with green roofs and walls ; Managing green roofs and walls ; Managing Urban Trees ; Water Sensitive Urban Design ;

Students who study in this area will gain insights into aspects of design and management of green infrastructure. They will learn about the use of green infrastructure as ‘living architecture’ and how ecological research can be used to plan and design ‘green cities’. As well as explore the role and function of green infrastructure technologies and the ecosystem services they can provide to urban environments.


For further information on these courses and other subjects follow the link.

LISTEN to senior lecturer John Rayner discuss green roof research and the Masters of Urban Horticulture at the Burnley campus.


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