Pengzhen Du

PengzhenPengzhen is a PhD student who is researching plant selection for green roofs to optimize stormwater performance and survival. To do this, Pengzhen will measure the physiological response and plant traits of a variety of species with different life-forms, under green roof and controlled glasshouse conditions.

Specifically, there are six objectives of her research:

  1. To determine how plants with different drought avoidance (isohydry) or tolerance (anisohydry) strategies respond to drought stress;
  2. To determine how plants with different regeneration strategies, namely seeders and resprouters, to drought stress;
  3. To assess the plasticity of plants with different water use or regeneration strategies to drought stress;
  4. To determine the trade-offs between water use and regeneration strategies on green roof survival and water use for stormwater management;
  5. To determine how physiological and morphological plant traits relate to plant water use and survival;
  6. To provide insights into the importance of drought resistance strategies and regeneration strategies for selecting species best suited for adverse green roofs.