Pei-Wen Chung

pei-wen-chungGreen façades could provide numerous benefits for urban areas, e.g., microclimate improvement, UHI mitigation, stormwater runoff reduction, biodiversity enhancement, and health and well-being improvement. Nowadays, energy saving and water use efficiency have become much more important due to limited resources. Cooling effect that façade plants bring about, which are shading (mainly), evapo-transpiration cooling, and thermal insulation, would reduce energy consumption through increased thermal performance of buildings. However, green façade is still not universal in terms of the high costs.

The aims of my research are to improve the water use efficiency and to lower the costs of green façades without reducing the cooling effect. Three major experiments will be conducted in the field and glasshouses:

  1. Reducing the potable water supply for irrigation;
  2. Using grey water for irrigation;
  3. Different volumes of growing media will be applied to grow plants.

Plant traits and the physiological responses of climbers will be assessed for further analysis.