Jacinda Murphy

Jacinda MurphyJacinda is currently conducting research on extensive green roofs in Melbourne, with particular attention on structural features and the influence of surrounding habitat factors on biodiversity.

Her research aims to characterise and compare the insect diversity of extensive green roofs in Melbourne planted with succulent plant species typically used on green roofs with green roofs planted with a diversity of plant species. It will also determine how these green roof insect communities differ from similar ground level habitats and the importance of local landscape factors to the insect diversity found on green roofs.

Supervisor: Dr. Nicholas Williams


Green Roof insects under the Microscope http://www.thefifthestate.com.au/archives/54419/


2008 – 2011   Deakin University, Bachelor of Science with Distinction, double major in Biology and Environmental Science. Research thesis – ‘Little Desert National Park Dieback – Phytophthora cinnamoni’

2012 – 2013   University of Melbourne, Master of Environment, Research Thesis – ‘Insect Diversity on Extensive Green Roofs in Melbourne’.