Annie Hunter

AnnieH1I’m a PhD student investigating the relationships between climbing plant ecophysiological traits, plant canopy architecture and solar radiation interception. My research aims to identify a diverse suite of non-invasive climbing plant species for green facades that will thrive in temperate and Mediterranean Australian climates while providing optimal building cooling and energy-saving benefits. Plant selections informed by biogeographical and ecophysiological trait data can greatly reduce the risk of green facade failure in new building constructions and building retrofits.

Distictis buccinatoriaThis work will contribute both to our fundamental understanding of climbing plant ecology and to the development of a green façade thermal model that accurately characterises the complexity of the plant layer.

The project is a multi-faculty initiative involving the Melbourne School Land and Environment, the Melbourne School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Design.  It is co-funded by Nursery and Garden Industry Australia.

Billardiera granulatus


Dr Stephen Livesley, Mr John Rayner, Dr Nick Williams, Assoc. Prof. Lu Aye, Dr Dominique Hes


Bachelor of Arts (honours), Anthropology, Latrobe University, 1991

Master of Urban Horticulture, Department of Resource Management & Geography, The University of Melbourne (Burnley Campus), 2011

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