Alessandro Ossola

ossola-alessendro-75x100Alessandro is an US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine NRC Associate within the National Risk Management Research Laboratory of US-EPA in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also a Honorary Research Fellow within the School of Ecosystem and Forest Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia.
His research focuses in unravelling the functional links between habitat structure, biodiversity and eco-hydrological processes in both natural and human-dominated ecosystems. He has worked in numerous projects funded by the Australian Research Council and the American National Science Foundation, expanding his professional network throughout four continents. Over the years, he enjoyed the opportunity to guest lecture for undergraduate and postgraduate subjects related to urban green infrastructures, urban horticulture, eco-hydrology, landscape architecture, urban planning and design. Alessandro is particularly interested in the applied side of his research which spans environmental management, ecological design, science communication and outreach.



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Other manuscripts submitted or in preparation.

Ossola, A., Aponte, C., Hahs, A.K., Livesley, S.J.. Differential effects of habitat complexity on metabolic functional diversity and functional composition of litter and soil bacterial communities in urban ecosystems. (submitted).

Ossola, A., Nyman, P.. Landscape aridity as indicator of decomposition and comminution processes (submitted).

Ossola, A. Local and landscape drivers of urban decomposition processes. (in preparation).

Ossola, A et al. Urban trees traits and stormwater interception. (in preparation).

Ossola, A. & Niemela, J. (Eds.). Urban Biodiversity: from Research to Practice. (book in preparation for Routledge – Taylor & Francis).


Conference papers, Symposia and Workshops:

Ossola, A, Livesley, S.J., Urban detritivores and organic matter comminution. EcoSummit. 29 August – 1 September 2016, Montpellier, France.

Ossola, A, Livesley, S.J., Bluescaping urban green spaces to enhance urban hydrological services. EcoSummit. 29 August – 1 September 2016, Montpellier, France.

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Taipei, Taiwan.

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