News and Engagement


Engagement and Outreach
Academics and RHD students from the Green Infrastructure Research Group are involved in a range of engagement activities and outreach initiatives.  Engagement is an important enabler, providing opportunities for the group to develop long term relationships with government, industry partners and alumni and promote positive relations with the wider community. Through engagement the group aim to
• Engage more fully with the wider community
• Provide opportunities to showcase research to a broad audience
• Strengthen and build strategic partnerships

Industry outreach –GIRG has delivered multiple industry initiatives over the past four years both at the University’s Burnley Campus and at external locations. These have included public seminars (most recently a four part series for the Burnley 125), development of industry guidelines (Growing Green Guide  2013), Premier’s Sustainability Awards finalists (for the collaborative project Biodiversity in Melbourne’s East 2016 ), award winner publications (Growing Green Guide – Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2015 and Start with the grasslands design guidelines – Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Awards 2014).

GIRG has also hosted events in collaboration with representative industry groups including forums/seminars (for example Canopy – City of Melbourne’s Green Infrastructure Industry Forum 2013-2017; BGANZ seminar 2016; NGIV Changing Climate seminar seminar as well as conference participation and sponsorship (ie. International urban tree diversity 2016 and National Therapeutic Horticulture 2015). And been involved with external workshops and seminars including Greater Greener Melbourne workshop; grassland seminars/tour (AILA; Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria). Other major initiatives completed over recent years have included the professional development training course, National School of Park Management (2014, 2015).
In addition, GIRG researchers present regularly at international conferences and strengthen links with leading universities internationally through joint research work (current example is the Woody meadows collaborative project collaborative project between the University of Melbourne, University of Sheffield, UK and the City of Melbourne 2016).

Community and public outreach- The Group also contribute considerably in activities which have a strong public and community focus. These include public seminars (Burnley Festival 2016), research exhibition (Made possible by Melbourne 2016), public launches of the Burnley Green Roofs (2013) and Growing Green Guide (2014), regular green roof tours (2013-2017);  Melbourne Open House, (2014 & 2015), Living City Display, (Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2014), and Green Roofs Workshops (Australian Landscape Conference 2013).

Contributions to public media have also been extensive over recent years. Coverage of activities or specific research findings have been profiled through various channels including radio, newspapers, (eg. woody meadows project 2017), University publications-pursuit (Sustainability at Melbourne 2015), The Conversation articles (high density development and urban forests, urban trees and heat waves) public release of research reports (Future Forests Report 2016) and international media (Social research into green roofs – Washington Post ; Harvard Business Review (2015).